About the company and main field of action

GEBOR OOD (GEBOR Ltd) is registered in October 1992. Main field of action of the firm are new constructions as well as reconstructions and redevelopments of residential, public and industrial buildings. The company is a regular member of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber since 1994. It has been registered in the Central professional register of the builder for construction of group I structures of the public building, its attached infrastructure, electronic communication networks and systems as well as structures of category III and V.

Some of the more noticeable clients and investors of the company are: ALIANZ Bulgaria AG, UMBAL Alexandrovska University Hospital, TD "Big Taxpayers And Insurers", Municipal dental polyclinic, Technical University Sofia, SOPHARMA, Embassy of Republic Poland, MATPU OOD, DAKS 96 and others. Gebor has co-financed and successfully realized residential, public and industrial buildings with GFA of over 35 000 m².

Since 2009 a quality management system BDS EN ISO 9001:2015 is being used in the company. Inquiry in the register of BCC (Bulgarian Construction Chamber - only in Bulgarian).

According to the world trends in the construction industry the company is continuously developing its capacity in respect to the environmental sustainability and energy efficiency. More on the topic. 

Since 2015 the company has been certified according to BDS EN ISO 14001:2015 about the installation and application of a corresponding environmental management system. The scope of the certificate is namely the construction of residential, administrative, civil buildings and reconstruction works.