The following book shows my works as a student and an architect between 2005 and 2011. As more of the projects have been prepared in different countries in different languages I will leave the works in their original forms and stay ready to clarify every doubt and translate every work that might be of your interest.

The contents put accent on the key words of my education and work. The projects are not ordered chronologically but according to subject criteria. Nevertheless I always tried to combine them to achieve optimal results.

Most of the works are released in colaboration and under the supervision of other students, teachers, architects and engineers. I am very grateful for all that I learnt while studying at the Technical University of Aachen and the Politechnical University of Valencia. I also very much appreciate the warm welcome that I received and the practical experience that I gained in Gebor Ltd, Sektor ARCH, the architectural office of Antonio Aguayo Pérez and in Intelec Ingenería. Besides the academic knowledge, I am happy to have worked on a construction field as well as behind the desk in regular architectural offices. In continuation there are parts of the presentations of the most important and significant projects.

Dipl.-Ing. Milan Rashevski