Do you wish to accomplish a new investment project or to optimize and prolong the life of an existing building? Here you will find the necessary support.

The idea phase is of fundamental importance for the overall result of every project and provides the opportunity to influence at most its further development. The reasonable planing saves a great amount of trouble and headache. Therefore, every entrepreneur needs a reliable partner to advice him or her on the realization of the undertaking.

Getting to know your desires the experts from Gebor are ready to assist you with your choice, to further develop your idea and to encourage you for new ones. In the face of the technical management in the company you will find a valuable opinion based on rich professional experience. It is being combined with the newest trends in the planing and designing while taking into account the basic economical aspects including the conduction of life cycle analysis (LSA).


For further information do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or to directly turn to the company's managers.